TechTalk Summits provide a unique opportunity for vendors to engage with technology decision makers and influencers in local markets.  Presenting sponsors have the opportunity to discuss their technology product or service in a thought leadership format that educates, informs and sells. Our attendees, free from hearing sales pitches from multiple vendors, can instead focus on the speaker’s solution and its fit with their organizational/technology needs. In return our attendees engage through Q&A giving insight into the unique needs of the technology market.

We limit the number of presenting sponsors at each live event to five, guaranteeing more personal interactions and connections with the audience.

Please reach out to Maria Healy at 978-476-7352 or for details.

Presenting Event Sponsorship: Commercial/Healthcare Face-to-Face Regional Events

  • 15 min. speaking slot to entire audience
  • Custom email blast to 10,000 prospects (number depends on city)
  • Event access for 4 company representatives
  • Event access for 5 VIP guests
  • Draped tabletop exhibit space
  • Wifi and power at table
  • Pre-registration list a week before the event for dinner match making
  • Post-registration list with contact info and email addresses
  • Company logo on event web page
  • Inclusion in event raffle


Wine Dinner with Sommelier – Limited to one sponsor and partner

Wine dinners are exclusive and by invitation only. We work with you to choose top venues that attract C-level IT professionals. Offered only to a select group of customers, TechTalk Wine Dinners are intimate events that deepen relationships.

The evening’s format begins with cocktails and a 30-minute presentation followed by a hosted wine tasting. Certified sommelier, Rachel Jeanne, one of three sommeliers on the team honored with the 2016 James Beard award for best wine program, leads the tasting with wines she has hand selected specifically for the evening’s dinner.

Webinars – Get in Front of the Right People, Anytime

TechTalk webinars are scheduled as one hour programs and best presented in a case study format. We work with you to identify topics and co-presenter customers to create a webinar that will generate highly-qualified leads. From help presentation content, to coordination with other presenters, we produce it with your materials, market and moderate it.

Webinars require a six-week lead time to produce and market. Your potential reach — our entire list nationwide of 900,000 IT titles.

  • Dedicated webpage with logo company description
  • 45 minute Program
  • Full Pre-registration list
  • Post live event report on attendance
  • ON demand archiving of the program

Contact Maria Healy ( or 978-476-7352) for more information. Package pricing is available


Attendee Demographics

Our live events are structured for maximum efficiency from both a presenter and attendee standpoint. We feature non-competitive companies that are best of breed in their domain. Our delegates, free from hearing competing sales pitches from multiple vendors, can instead focus on whether the speaker’s solutions fit with their organizational / technical needs. We handle all event-related logistical issue, making it very easy for our partners to simply show up and setup.

Our Happy Hour events are scheduled from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Attendees mingle and network with their peers and our partners in a relaxed social setting, which makes it easier to connect and establish relationships. These are healthcare specific IT events, drawing individuals who work across all Healthcare related industries within a region — who can directly buy (and/or influence the purchase of) products and complementary services provided by sponsors/speakers.

TechTalk Summits drive attendance through-highly focused email campaigns,direct mail and telemarketing.
Job Title Percentages:

  • CIO – 15%,
  • CISO/Director of Architecture/NOC/DC Head/IT Director – 44%,
  • Network Manager/Sys Admin/Head of Desktop Standards – 33%,
  • Systems Analyst/Technical Specialists – 9%.

Upcoming Events